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What does orthodontic treatment include?

An excellent question to ask yourself is, “what does the treatment include?”. The answer depends a lot on your child’s age and attitude. For instance, it’s essential to make regular appointments and follow your orthodontist’s instructions. This is especially true for children who have a high commitment to the treatment. Regardless of the severity of the issue, it’s essential to understand what you’re signing up for.

Orthodontics is one of the oldest branches of dentistry, treating jaw and teeth irregularities. Proper alignment of the teeth and jaw will improve your appearance and function. A properly aligned set of teeth will also help you chew and bite more efficiently. This will also improve your oral health and prevent further problems with your teeth. Here’s an overview of the most common types of orthodontic treatments. A professional orthodontist can correct any of the following:

Traditional braces are made from metal and consist of brackets placed on the front of the teeth. They also include bands around each tooth. Metal ties connect the brackets and wires. These braces are reusable and can be taken out when you want to brush or floss your teeth. A removable brace is an excellent option for young children who lose their teeth prematurely. Fixed braces are also effective for adults and are often used for adults.

Your dentist can recommend an orthodontist, but they may not be qualified. While many dentists are orthodontists, only six percent are. Dentists specialize in oral health, and orthodontists focus on teeth alignment. A dentist will ask you about your age, jaw size, and other health concerns to help determine the best treatment. In some cases, X-rays will be necessary to determine if your teeth are in good shape.
Your orthodontist will determine whether fixed braces or removable appliances are appropriate for your child. The type of orthodontic treatment you receive will depend on your age and the severity of the malocclusion. Typical treatment time ranges from eighteen to twenty-four months. While fixed braces require fixed braces, removable appliances, such as Invisalign(r) trays, can be worn during school or night.